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Electricity fascinates kids. To teach your child how electricity works in a safe and fun manner, a number of electrical circuit kits specifically designed for kids are now on the market. Here's a few questions to ask yourself before choosing a circuit kit for your child.

What's Your Child's Age?

Investing in circuit kits for kids starts with how old your child or children are and how long you want to use it for. If your child is young, look for a kit that is easy for them to work with and illustrated. If your child is older, then match the circuit kit's covered concepts, complexity, and skills required to your child.

What is Your Child's Interest in Electricity?

If your child is highly interested in how electricity works, then look for a circuit kit that delves deeper, includes more projects. If you aren't sure how interested your child is in electricity, then look at circuit kits that are expandable, or that you can build upon. If your child has a special interest in alternative energy, look for kits that include wind, solar, and hydroelectric power projects.

What Do You Want Your Child to Learn?

If you are looking just to give your child a basic understanding of electricity and build a few hands-on projects, then look for circuit kits that are project based. If you are looking for a more in-depth education on electricity and circuits, look for an electric circuit kits that includes a large variety of projects that build on each other.

What's Your Child's Abilities?

Three skills often determine how successful a child is going to be with their circuit kit - dexterity, ability to follow directions, and reading ability. Take a look at how connections and components fit together in the kit you are choosing to ensure that your child has the dexterity to complete projects successfully.

Also look at the instructions for the circuit kit you are considering - both the illustrations and the text - to determine if your child will be able to follow the directions or whether they'll need your help.

Do You Want A Solo or a Collaborative Project?

If you are looking for something project-based together with your child, or a kit that your children can do together with each other and friends, then look for a kit that facilitates that. Also, if the kit will be used collaboratively across different ages, then look for a kit that suits the needs of both the youngest and the oldest child.

Will Your Child is it Once or Multiple Times?

Are you looking for a kit for a one-time use, or something that can be used repeatedly, or even passed down to other family members or friends, or even resold once you are done? Consider the needs of your family and how much you expect to reuse a kit when making your choice.

Making Your Choice

Today, it's difficult to go through daily life without encounter electrical circuits. Your child will benefit from any time spent learning about electricity and circuits; you may even be giving them background knowledge and skills that they will use in their adult life.

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