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Chemistry appears to be too difficult and challenging and many students fail the subject. Chemistry is the bane of high school life for many students. Rather than relying on your high school chemistry teacher for good chemistry grades, why not put in some serious effort yourself? Here are some common mistakes that many high schools students like you, have done and how you can avoid them.


You think why study chemistry today when the concepts you are taught are pretty easy, right? Wrong. The first few days of your chemistry class might seem very easy to you but you have to start studying from the beginning to get a thorough understanding of the subject.

Quiz or no quiz, study at least 10 minutes on a daily basis. This will save you from cramming when your test is approaching. Each concept is linked to another one and you need to build concept upon concept. Laying a bad foundation of chemistry won't help you in the long run.

Insufficient math practice

It is chemistry, what do you need math for? Top balance equations and perform unit conversions. Work chemistry problems daily and show them to someone.

Always do them the way you are supposed to do them in your test and exams by including units and full working. Make data of knowns and unknowns required to clarify problem.

Passing away the text

Not putting in time to read text is a mistake you should totally avoid. Same goes for any lab manuals you are required to read. A book is necessary for home assignments. Read the book even if you take down notes in lectures to give you a detailed understanding.

Your high school chemistry teacher sometimes might not cover everything in the class. They will leave some reading for you. Read the chapters at home and ask teachers to explain concepts you don't understand.

Believe in yourself

Believe you can understand chemistry concepts. If you believe you are capable of learning chemistry, you will be motivated into doing it.

Copying answers

This includes not just copying from your friends but also from the worked answers at the back of book and study guides. They are there to facilitate you in learning, not cheating in homework assignments. Do your assignments yourself so you have ample practice for tests.

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